About Armidale East BESS

The project will be constructed on private land, located approximately 16 kilometres east of Armidale, NSW.

The 400MW BESS project will be located on a development site of approximately 10 hectares. The project will connect to the existing 330 kV overhead transmission line located to the north of the site. The project layout avoids most environmental constraints and will be designed to minimise the removal of native vegetation.

Construction of the project would involve the following key components:

  • 400MW BESS including:
    • Battery containers
    • inverters
    • transformers
    • cooling systems if required
    • fire suppressions systems
    • switch rooms
  • switch yard
  • new access road to the site
  • parking site, site office and amenities for operational use.

For more information download our Fact Sheet and Frequently Asked Questions.

Battery Energy Storage System 400MW
Site area: 10 hectares approx.
System type: Battery Energy Storage System
Construction start date: Estimated for mid 2026

Development Process and Approval

Given the significant potential that the proposed Armidale East BESS has in contributing to the clean energy transition and climate action targets of the state, it is considered a State Significant Development (SSD) by the NSW Department of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure (DPHI).

FRV is currently in the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) phase of the Armidale East BESS proposal. The Scoping Report was submitted to the Department in December 2023, and Secretary Environmental Assessment Requirements (SEARs) were issued on the 22nd of December 2023. The SEARs outline the assessments that FRV is required to address within the EIS. You can read the Armidale East BESS SEARs here

The EIS is a very in-depth document that outlines specialist assessments and contains detailed planning information regarding the development. DPHI uses the EIS to assess the merit of the proposal and determine the outcome of the application.

You can learn more about the SSD process on the NSW Government’s Department of Planning website.

Bright Prospects

The project will deliver significant benefits to the region:

  • Construction will create job opportunities. FRV requires all contractors working on its developments to hire local contractors and utilise local suppliers wherever possible. It is estimated that around 120-150 workers will be required to construct the project.

  • During operations approximately 5-8 ongoing operational roles will be created.

  • The employment benefits extend through the local supply chains to fuel supply, vehicle servicing, hotels/motels, B&B’s, cafés, pubs, catering, cleaning companies, tradespersons, tool and equipment suppliers and many other businesses.

Committed to Shine

  • FRV Services Australia is the owner and developer of the project.

  • FRV will maintain the community informed on the milestones reached.

  • FRV are committed to developing a reliable and safe clean energy asset for the region and to continuing community engagement throughout the project’s lifetime.